Security Guard - Toledo, Ohio, United States

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  • Facility Security Officer
  • Security Guard
  • Security Officer
  • Job Type: Full Time
  • Published: 01-14-2022
  • Job Location: Toledo, Ohio, United States
Job Description:


The Security Person will be responsible for securing the assets of the Dealership after hours. This will include physical observations, arming of the facilities and working with the custodial team and store managers to ensure that our dealership is protected.  Will possess the ability to use common sense, level headedness and have a big picture view of the operation when dealing with customers and team members.  This is a support position and we do not intend it to be a replacement for law enforcement.  .  

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Physically inspect each structure to ensure that all entrances are locked and that the buildings are armed
  • Making sure as the showrooms are inspected and there are no keys visible
  • On inspection of the lots, look for running vehicles, open windows anything that would be out of the norm.  Secure that vehicle and document your findings
  • Work with the custodial team to make sure they have access to and securing all facilities after they complete their tasks
  • Work with the custodial supervisor to create a feeling of team work.  These two positions will often cover for each other
  • Possible after hour’s interaction with customers.  Making sure that we are accommodating and proved information to store manager for follow up the next business day                                                                                                               


  • This position will be considered full time
  • It is a second shift position.     
  • A set schedule will be in place and approved by manager
  • Any need to work over must be approved by management​                                                                                          ​                                                                                     


Job Requirements:


  • Prior security or law enforcement background
  • Clean, professional appearance
  • Proficient in basic computer platforms with the ability to provide needed documentation at the end of the shift.  May need to provide follow-up based on the circumstance
  • Education: High school diploma or equivalent; college degree or certification helpful